5 Important Tips to protect your business during covid_19 outbreak!!

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As Novel Corona Virus (COVID_19) cases are continuously increasing across the nation with 4281 cases & 111 deaths approximately. Entire nation is panicking about the spread, businesses are going down with lot of unexpected challenges.

So….what a business owner should do?  Panic?  Nah.  Plan? Yes.

At Techsigma, we are seeing an increase in clients contacting us for an advice on how to maintain the continuity of the business and online presence of the brand. So here are few important tips which can help all the business owners to keep all their business active during the this COVID_19 outbreak.

Table of Content:

  1. Prepare an effective business continuity plan (BCP) for coronavirus (COVID-19)  
  2. Develop your 3 months financial plan for the smooth run of business.
  3. Embrace work from home opportunities to your employees
  4. Get Social
  5. Focus on your Brand

Prepare an effective business continuity plan (BCP) for coronavirus (COVID-19) :

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a plan that outlines processes and systems to help your business prevent and recover from potential threats. The plan ensures your employees and assets are protected and will be able to recover quickly in the event of any unconditional disaster. 

  • Protect your employees.
  • Find Alternatives to Deliver on Your Promises to your clients.
  • communicate clearly to your clients and employees if any changes.
  • Offer some virtual opportunities to existing clients.
  • Provide appropriate trainings to upskill your staff.

Develop your next 3 months financial plan :

Maximum organisations has the same key expenses, which include their employee salaries, Building rent, and utility bills. Further expenses range from industry to industry.   Communicate clearly to whom you need to pay in the next        three months (property-owner and vendors), and find out if       any alternative options you have to spread out the costs & plan accordingly

Enable the Work from home opportunity :

When your enabling the work from home option for your employees, it will help your business to provide services to clients without any hurdles. Techsigma is here to help !!! Do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions about setting up new emails, Online team meetings, or making appropriate changes to your website and anything else you may need.

Get Social:

If you are not involved with Social Media, get on social media. This is where people are looking for information & spending their most of the time. We at Techsigma can help you creating content , post often and engage your relevant audience. Social Media can be your greatest tool through this, whether you run ads or post organically.

Focus on your Brand:

As a Business owner you need to focus on your brand credibility even in crisis, However this is the best time to shift all your presence online due to this Covid_19 lock down most of the people are spending their time on multiple social platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, Tiktok, Helo and many more. Techsigma helps you to build your online reputation, Please do contact for any help regarding Digital Brand building activities.

How you can make your business grow online? You can go with the points listed below, Let’s jump right in.

  • Get your website audit done.
  • If you don’t have any website, Build your website.
  • Ramp-up your SEO.
  • Ensure that people can find your business online.
  • Build all your social media official pages.
  • Get Ready with your bounce-back stage.

We at Techsigma, strongly hope that above mentioned tips will help business owners & Entrepreneurs to reach their customers in expressive ways during the weeks ahead. As always, if you feel any difficulty or any questions about your brand’s online presence from ‘Website – Social Media’ we are here to help. Please do call us @9108926919 to book a free consultation call today.

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Mohammed Tahir Brand Consultant, TechSigma.

Mohammed Tahir is the Brand Consultant at Techsigma who helps businesses in growing their digital presence. His marketing expertise and execution skills keep him ahead of an arch. He is passionate about content marketing and building brands.

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  1. Suhas. B gowda
    Suhas. B gowda
    06 Apr, 2020 - 16:31 pm

    I am suhas. B. I say I point see work at home is tension but also we should do. The goodwill will be for all companies. We should not think about first health is very for all human beings . I to working in company, they will call and ask some questions we should answer. But any way the company will give salary for particular period. . At lost I will say one think we should keep your good health. All will use Facebook, in this we will get good information in Facebook. See and use all of them.

    • Mohammed Tahir
      Mohammed Tahir
      07 Apr, 2020 - 14:07 pm

      Thank you Suhas for sharing your wonderful outputs, yes we do understand there is lot of tension when we work from home however as you mentioned health is also very important factor which we need to focus. We wish you a good health and a Great living. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.


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