How to be safe & fight against COVID-19?

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As Indian authorities & Medical professionals work to contain the coronavirus outbreak, the first thing which we should do is avoid being panic. There are many steps where we can take to fight & avoid getting a COVID-19 Infection. Below are the few steps which we all want to know about how we can decrease the risk & stay safe.


  • India reports 944 coronavirus cases.
  • 20 Deaths & 84 are recovered.
  • Indian Government asks public not to panic & stay at home safely.
  • Here’s a rundown of WHO-recommended the best precautions.

The World Health Organisation says the “most effective” protecting measures are the following: cleaning your hands regularly, properly covering your mouth when you cough and social distancing.

WASH YOUR HANDS FREEQUENTLY: While washing hands, use soap or hand wash & sanitizer. Techsigma requests you all please do this frequently so that we can stay safe & save lives of others.


If the virus has polluted your hands after contact with another affected surface, it can infect us through your eyes, nose or mouth. Techsigma requests let’s all of us practice avoid shaking hands or physical contact with other people.

COVERING COUGHS: Using a tissue paper or your bent elbow, to cover your cough – this helps in keeping virus-infected droplets away from those people around you. Techsigma requests you If you use a tissue, dispose of it fast and safely which can avoid transmitting of infected droplets.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Let’s practice distancing from the people minimum 1 metre away from the people who are sneezing or coughing to avoid inhaling the droplets which can cause any infection. Techsigma requests all the citizens of INDIA to stay at home & safe, please do not go out in any conferences , social gatherings etc.

WEAR MASKS: As the Government of India is imposed complete lockdown for 21 days till April 14th, Techsigma appeals to all the people of our country to wear masks when we go out buy any essentials. Please plan all your required essentials and purchase. Please do not come out so often.

RESPECT THE POLICE OFFICIALS: We could all see during the lock down many of us coming out frequently which is prohibited even police officials are humans. Let’s not create any distress to the officials. Techsigma requests all the youths to stay at home safely.

IF YOU ARE SICK: Here’s a summary of WHO’s advice for people living in areas where the coronavirus is spreading, or who have travelled to such places in the past two weeks. First and foremost, follow the hygiene measures above. If you’re feeling under the weather, “even with mild symptoms such as headache and a slight runny nose”, then stay home till you get better. If you have fever, cough and breathing difficulties, consult a doctor immediately. Inform medical professionals about your travel history. Tell them clearly if you’ve come into contact with other travellers who may be at risk. Techsigma requests all the citizens not to be panic & most importantly do not ignore the situation.

ONE last thing all of us to keep in mind – Please don’t be a victim to fake news or rumours spreading on the internet!!

There are plenty of misrepresentations out there on the coronavirus outbreak from different unauthorised sources, and sharing it is dangerous. Please Techsigma request all the people to follow trusted sources of information — these include the World Health Organisation and India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Let us all be aware of the precautions which are advised by the “WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATIONS” and Techsigma’s team strongly follows the above precautions and appeals to every citizen of India to follow the same & lets take of ourselves and Others. We wish you all the people a good health & healthy environment across us.


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Thank you, Let us all stay Home, Stay Safe & Save Lives of each other!!! 😊

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  1. Nemu naik
    Nemu naik
    30 Mar, 2020 - 07:55 am

    What about loss of taste some says lost of taste also symptoms

    • Mohammed Tahir
      Mohammed Tahir
      31 Mar, 2020 - 11:27 am

      Hi Nemu Naik,

      Yes there are lot of symptoms explained by medical professionals but major ones are Cough, Difficulty in breathing , fever , fatigue then definitely a person should consult the doctor. We request all our people to follow the precautions and prevent this deadly virus. Please share this among your dearest friends and family.
      Stay Safe , Stay Healthy .. Techsigma’s team requests to stay at home. 🙂

      Please share this link on your Facebook and instagram profile which will help other people too : https://techsigma.in/2020/03/28/covid-19-2/

  2. Suhas. B gowda
    Suhas. B gowda
    30 Mar, 2020 - 16:48 pm

    All of them be read this is really . All of should should flow the rules regulations. Please follow the rules friends. I got good information friends, thank u friends

  3. Mohammed Tahir
    Mohammed Tahir
    31 Mar, 2020 - 11:18 am

    Thank you Suhas for your comment, we request you to share this information with your friends , family and on other social media friends too. let’s spread the awareness among all our people of India. we wish you a good health from the Team Techsigma, stay safe stay very careful 🙂

    Please share this link on your Facebook and instagram profile which will help other people too : https://techsigma.in/2020/03/28/covid-19-2/


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